If only dogs could talk…


Canine Behavioral Psychology Lecture

Dogs are very expressive animals. They talk to us all the time – they communicate their happiness, sadness, nervousness, fearfulness and frustration. Dogs use facial expressions, ear set, body postures, tail carriage, movement, stillness and overall demeanor to signal their intentions and feelings. Their system of nonverbal communication is one that you can learn to recognize and interpret. Learning to read what dogs are trying to say will open up a whole world of understanding of dogs.

This session is open to the general public, welcoming pet owners and professionals alike.

September 20-21
9 am – 4 pm
1888 South Wolf Creek Road
Carbondale, Illinois 62902

Tuition: $195 (includes lunch)

This lecture will provide a better understanding of dog behavior and how a dog sees, understands and reacts to the world. Topics will include how you can reduce fear and anxiety and make for a more balanced life, easier vet visits, how to handle dogs safely, avoid injury, reduce anxiety and gain cooperation from the dogs you care for.

What past attendees had to say:

“I’ve learned that understanding dog behavior is the first step in addressing behavior-related problems”

“I learned that having a better understanding of dogs makes life less stressful for both dogs and owners!”

“I learned that I know far less about dogs than I thought I did!”

“I learned all the subtleties of dog behavior that I’ve been missing.”

Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Limited openings available. Sign up now. 

  • When I found my dog, Sissy Baby Girl, at the Williamson Co.Animal Shelter,she was almost 2 years old, & had been in & out of foster homes…..had been abused & neglected. She is so fearful & submissive, it would take all day to tell you all her quirks. She is now 8 years old & still submissive & quirky. I know you could figure her out with one glance. :-). But I love her & she has taught me patience. But I need to know how to help her and me be a better pair. I work with Veterans at The Haven. So what you do at TAV is very close to my heart. Thank you ….Sherry Rix

  • I didn’t realize how much I had learned until I spent a week sitting for a fellow breeders five pointers and a curly coat (plus my own dogs away from home…but I’m used to my mid-sized dogs). These big dogs all were like high school kids and a substitute teacher. Totally out of control. After the first morning just dealing with it, I was able to remember my training and stand up straight, assess each dog, and turn chaos into something manageable. Each day became a better picture. Without Behesha’s training, it would have been a nightmare. Instead, I kept thinking of how I could make each step better.

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