Our Graduates

To date, we have trained and paired over 20 PTSD service dog/veteran teams. We have eight more in training scheduled to graduate in the spring of 2014. Look for updates!

Aaron and Archer

My life before and after TAV is just as different as my life was before and after my trauma. It was the best decision to apply and then stay with it. Not only has life gotten better for me, but also my family. I need to thank and express my thanks and love for all at TAV and my dog Archer.

Cassandra and Parker

In addition to the dogs, the team at This Able Veteran works to give us hope. The things that they talk about can really help us learn how to make the necessary changes in our lives to allow us to get better. And they don’t just give you a dog and a class and say, have a nice life. They keep in touch, and we can always ask more questions. We’re like a family, watching out for each other and helping each other.

Eric and Maddie

For the first time since 2003, I’m not afraid to dream, both while I’m asleep and when I’m awake. This Able Veteran and Maddie have given me that gift. With Maddie by my side, we are figuring out this world and new life together.

I didn’t realize how much fear ruled my thought life until I came to the Trauma Resiliency Program. I thought I would show up, learn about Maddie and be on my way. But, I learned Maddie would only be part of my journey.

I am becoming my authentic self and chasing my dreams that have long remained dormant. This is living. This is my journey and it feels so good to finally “be home”.

In honor of Memorial Day, Eric put together some spoken word art. View it here.

He has also started a blog to document his training for triathlons.

Fritz and Momma

Jacob and Mindi

Kira and Grace

TAV was the best thing that ever happened to me. I learned how to love and appreciate myself again. Doing that gave me the power and ability to love and appreciate others, which was life changing. It’s one thing to love someone and something, but when you can actually start to feel it and feel connected is when you know you have yourself back. When I got Grace, it felt like an arranged marriage. Then one day someone almost hit her with a shopping cart at the store. At that moment I knew that I was me again, I would never want her to feel the hurt of the worlds like I have. It’s nice to have something to provide and protect. She needs me to live, and in order for me to be present for her, I need to be able to live and love myself. Learning to do that for her through TAV was the best skill I’ve learned.

Adam and Auggie

The Trauma Resiliency Program is by far the best help I’ve ever had the privilege of receiving.  I got to the source of my problem and I was able to confront it in a safe, comfortable environment.

Dan and Brooks

This program saved my life. It saved my marriage. It saved everything. It saved me.

Debbie and Ready

This Able Veteran has opened doors which were nailed shut. They have done more for me than any pill, any counseling, any medication has in
35 years. I didn’t want to come here and now I don’t want to leave. I don’t want it to end. I could never pay back TAV for what they’ve given me. Never.

Don and Liberty

I never believed I could be brought out of my shell and start talking. I’ve been able to because of the team they have here. I have advanced so fast in such a short period of time. TAV has changed my life and given me hope for a brighter future.

Greg and Chloe

I’m living for now. This program has opened me up to where I know it’s OK to let my walls down and let people in.

Sarai and Ace

They provide the knowledge and opportunity to learn how to actually heal from our psychological traumas. This is the best “treatment” I have ever had and I have been living with and going to doctors for my trauma for years. I feel like a new person. I finally feel love again. I’m finally me. This program is what everyone who has trauma needs.

David and Delilah

TAV has changed my life and given me a new outlook, as well as the courage and drive, to be more independent. TAV has allowed me to be a better father and husband and I am very grateful.

Eric and Liberty

This Able Veteran has done so much, not only for me, but for Liberty as well. Coming into the program I was skeptical, but when we did the agility course, my outlook completely changed on my perception of not only my own thought process, but my feeling for empathy as well. Watching the dog’s unconditional love – and bonding with Liberty as she overcame her fear – made me realize the empathy I had for her, which will open the door for me to have empathy for my beautiful wife and son. I have been through plenty of courses, but seeing a view through my dog’s eyes, made me realize I can look at life with the same values and tools This Able Veteran gave me. The tools taught – and how it intermixes with our dogs – really make a tremendous difference and provides hope to move forward in the future. The time and effort This Able Veteran put into our dogs and us is amazing, warm hearted staff that is above and beyond, not only training our dogs to their potential with our needs and disabilities, but a support group to rely on in any time of need.

Jerome and Joey

This program has helped me more immensely in 10 days, than the VA could accomplish in 7 years. The major surprise I had in coming here was that this program isn’t all about the dogs. It’s about me. It’s about learning to use the dog as a tool to help me lead the successful and fulfilling life I dream of. It’s taught me more about PTSD, its symptoms, side effects and demons than I have ever learned. It really opened my eyes to so many things I had never seen before, the things that were right in front of me but I never saw in myself, the good, the bad and the ugly.

I have been taught so much about dogs, their mentalities, how they view the world, how to communicate with them, how to love them…
that its now being translated into learning and a better understanding of myself. How to understand MY mentalities, communications, love, strengths and weaknesses…

Steve and Gypsy

What I got out of this program is that I’m not a victim anymore. I came away from here being a more compassionate human being than I have ever been in my life. I have more empathy and patience. I am kinder. I haven’t had a nightmare in 6 months.

Life is good. It’s spectacular. This program is life altering.

Luis and Cheyene

I was attracted to TAV because they work in tandem with my clinical doctor. Other programs offering service dogs do not. This separated TAV – it guaranteed me continual and perpetual care.

Coming to TAV was like nothing I have experienced since leaving the military. People genuinely cared and showed an appreciation for the veterans – which made all of us comfortable discussing our issues out in the open. I was not embarrassed to be surrounded by TAV staff and volunteers and for them to know I was there seeking help. The atmosphere fostered at TAV was like being with family or best friends.

During the two week training, the team patiently challenged us to step out of our comfort zone in a variety of social situations. All the trainers were knowledgeable and patient as I learned how to work with Cheyenne. One of the things I enjoyed most was that I was surrounded by veterans who suffered and understood the same trauma I experienced. There was an instant bond and openness among all of us. We all shared the commonality of trauma.

I have not felt this amazing in a long time. Having Cheyenne and being associated with TAV is akin to having a second chance at life. There are the immediate and real tangible results. I know this because my family has said it to me, but I feel it too. The most noticeable result is the positive changes I feel mentally. No treatment that I have received through private doctors or the VA has felt this good.

For the first time, it was treatment I wanted more of. It is something I wish more veterans could experience right now. I came to TAV seeking help, but I leave with an unappeasable urge to help them, so that others may get their second chance at life.

Kevin and Buck

There is a truth to life with my service dog I can’t find anywhere else.

Jason and Tonka

Tonka was an amazing blessing that gave me the courage to initiate change in my life and ultimately discover a support system and family in my community.

Henry and Stella

My dog has changed my life. She brings more joy, helps me sleep and regulates my nightmares. It is allowing me to live my life again.

Howard and Maverick