There is another way. And there is hope.


We are a service dog organization providing individually trained service dogs along with an intensive Trauma Resiliency program for veterans suffering from PTSD. We have pioneered anxiety alerts and nightmare interruption in service dogs for those living with trauma. We also teach a PTSD Service Dog Trainer Academy so we can instruct even more people in how to better train service dogs for individuals with trauma histories.

But even more than that, we are concerned Americans who support our military. We are deeply concerned about the fact that 22 of our veterans, almost one an hour, take their own life. We are dedicated to assisting our veterans choose life and develop the skills that allow them to become empowered to navigate a fulfilling life. We know there is another way. Our programs demonstrate that we can turn despair into hope and self- empowerment.

This fall, we will be launching our “22” campaign. A birthchild of one of our graduates, wanting to turn the 22 veteran suicides a day into a call for action – to spread awareness and raise funds. Please check back for details on how you can get involved or send us an email if you would like to work with us on the campaign or you would like to be a business sponsor.

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